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Costa Mujeres description

Costa Mujeres is quickly becoming one of Mexico’s hottest holiday destinations. Located just north of Cancun, Costa Mujeres boasts some of Mexico’s best-kept secrets. From ancient ruins to beautiful beaches, Costa Mujeres offers something for everyone.

One of the most popular things to do in Costa Mujeres is to explore the ancient ruins of the Mayan civilization. There are several ancient ruins around the area, like the Chichen Itza, Uxmal, and Tulum. Visitors will be amazed by the intricacy and detail of these ancient sites. The ruins also offer plenty of great photo opportunities and a chance to learn about Mayan culture.

For beach-lovers, Costa Mujeres is the perfect destination. The long white-sand beaches are the ideal spot for soaking up some sun and swimming in the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. The beaches are incredibly clean, with no signs of pollution or garbage. The calm waters make the area perfect for stand-up paddle boarding, snorkeling, and fishing.

In addition to beaches and ruins, Costa Mujeres offers plenty of other attractions and activities. One of the most popular is the underwater museum, known as MUSA. This museum is home to hundreds of sculptures installed in the sea, making it a great place to explore and admire the surrounding marine life.

Costa Mujeres is also home to a variety of delicious restaurants serving the best of Mexican cuisine. The area has a number of traditional restaurants, as well as trendy eateries and beachside cafes. Visitors can also enjoy fresh seafood right from the docks.

Costa Mujeres has quickly become one of the most popular holiday destinations in Mexico, and it’s easy to see why. From its stunning beaches to its awe-inspiring ancient ruins, Costa Mujeres is sure to offer something for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Costa Mujeres

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The transportation time from Cancun International Airport to Costa Mujeres takes around 00:50 hours.
Although it also depends a lot on traffic.

We know that it is important that you do not miss your flight, for this reason, we schedule your pick up 03:20 hours before.
Why? because Costa Mujeres to the airport is approximately 00:50 hour, but we are considering a little more time in case there is traffic, plus we try to have you at the airport 02 hours before your flight leaves (for documentation).

All you need is the following information:
Your full name,
Your email address,
Your phone number,
Name of your Hotel (Resort, condo or Airbnb),
Arrival date,
Arrival airline,
Arrival time
If it is a Round Trip:
Departure Date,
Departure airline,
Flight departure time

Costa Mujeres transportation rates

Here you can find the Costa Mujeres transportation pricing

Type Car OW 1-3 OW 4-7 OW 8-10 RT 1-3 RT 4-7 RT 8-10
Standard $50.00 $55.00 $70.00 $85.00 $90.00 $100.00
Suburban $75.00 $75.00 N/A $140.00 $140.00 N/A